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2024 Season - Victoria Southwest Little League Registration Opens 11/1/2023

Registration for players and coach/volunteers for Victoria Southwest Little League will open November 1, 2023 and close Jan 2024.


2024 Board Members

The 2024 Southwest Little League Board has been voted on and is as follows:

President:  Lindsey Vollmering 

Vice President: Thomas Svetlik

Second Vice President (Jr/Sr League):  Gary Tomas

Secretary: Tara Munoz

Sponsorship Manager:  Robbie Marsh

Treasurer:  Krystal Murray 

Player Agent:  Luisa Chavarria 

Safety Officer:  Kyle Jacobson

Umpire in Chief:  Justin Krawietz

Communication Manager:  Ashley Kucera

General Board Member:  Patty Hoffman

General Board Member:  Kalie Jacobson

General Board Member:  Michael Crump

General Board Member:  Jaime Lara

General Board Member:  Jason Schneider

General Board Member:  Brenda Hermes

Open Positions Below (Voting at the next Board Meeting; if interested please reach out to Lindsey 620-210-0893):

Team Mom Manager

Field Manager

Equipment Manager

Want to be a VSWLL Sponsor?

We are in need of Sponsors/Donors for the 2024 Season.

Send an email to stating that you would like to become a sponsor and we will send you the 2024 Sponsorship Packet.

2024 VSWLL Registration Links (they will not open until 11/1/2023)

2024 VSWLL Baseball Registration

2024 Volunteer Registration Link

Little League Address Verification

There are 2 methods for address verification that Little League requires:

1) Use of School Form - Aloe, Nazareth, OLV, Trinity, Mission Valley, Cade, West, St Joseph, Shields, The Vine and Gross (we will provide form for your signature and take to school for verification).


2) 3 Proofs of Residency ( 1 from each Group)

Group 1: Drivers License, School Record, Vehicle Registration, Employment Records, Insurance Documents

Group 2: Welfare/Child care records, Federal Records(hunting license), State Records, 

Group 3: Voters Registration, utility bill, bank statements, medical records, cable, internet bills.  


Important Information:



Parent Code of Conduct: Click HERE

VSWLL will strictly adhere and monitor all unbecoming behaviors that take place at all VSWLL events.  Zero tolerance will be had for behaviors that do not support the best interest of the players.   VSWLL maintains the right to suspend or ban any person/persons or player for violating the code of conduct.  

Before the Game:

Fill your children’s “Emotional Tanks.”  

Don’t yell instructions during the game. Let coaches coach.

Cheer good plays by both teams.

Mention good calls by the umpires to other parents.

If an umpire makes a “bad” call against your team, Honor the Game — be silent!

If other parents yell at the umpires, gently remind them to Honor the Game.

Don’t do anything in the heat of the moment that you will regret after the game. Ask yourself, “Will this embarrass my child or the team?”

Remember to have fun! Enjoy the game.

This information is brought to you by Positive Coaching Alliance. To learn more, please visit

Please take the time to educate yourself about the playing rules of Little League International.  Click Here   VSWLL will follow the Little League International rules.  

Helmets are NOT to be modified from the manufacture. This includes stickers and painting of the helmet.  

Background Checks:  Click Here

VSWLL conducts background checks on ALL volunteers in the organization for the safety of our players. 

New 2023 VSWLL Board of Directors

2023 VSWLL Board of Directors

President: Lindsey Vollmering 

Vice President: Thomas Svetlik

Player Agent / Secretary: Tara Munoz

Treasure: Chris Korinek

Equipment Manager: Brandon Dentler

Umpire in Chief: Dallas Ponder

Ryan Soto

Robbie Marsh

Patricia Hoffman



Little League International Website

For more information about Little League Baseball

Little League Forms and Publications

Victoria Southwest Little League

VSWLL welcomes boys and girls from age 4 to 16 to have fun and learn baseball.  Little League Baseball reinforces so many important characteristics in our players that we work to instill as guardians of the next generation:  discipline, respect, sportsmanship, cooperation, persistence, and perseverance.  It offers opportunities to strive for individual and team goals and requires physical as well as mental participation. 

VSWLL is a volunteer run organization and non-profit organization. Get involved as a coach, volunteer, or board member to continue the great American tradition of baseball!

Victoria Southwest Little League

Victoria Southwest Little League